Waterman Trust Company

Our People

Other than the retirement of Bryan Hird and the appointments of Andrew Howroyd and Clive Needham our directors have not changed since 1997, when Waterman was established.

This continuity is rare in the present age and we are justifiably proud of it. It enables us to develop deep and trusting relationships with our clients, and helps us to provide a more personalised and efficient service.

Below is a profile of each of our senior members:

Richard Hird


An accountant, Richard has spent his entire career acting as trustee and director of offshore structures.

Andrew Howroyd


Andrew was formerly with Coutts & Co, Global Asset Management and Maitland & Co, solicitors in the Isle of Man.

Hassan N. Sayani


A solicitor, Hassan has over 16 years of experience of international tax planning and corporate finance in the City of London. He has an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia. Hassan is based in London.